A nicely arranged home looks neat and proper. The way you arrange your furniture has an impact on your household and your visitors. Although furniture arrangement can be hard, certain situations make it even harder. One example is a small awkward living room.

The living room is a part of your house where you entertain guests, bond as a family, or relax after a long tiring day from work. However, if your living room furniture looks out of place, the area not only looks displeasing but also non-conducive for living. An awkwardly-shaped living room makes the quest for an aesthetically pleasing living room more difficult.

Traditional living rooms are rectangular and offer a lot of space. However, modern living in vertical spaces force some homeowners to live in tight spaces, especially in metropolitan areas where space is scarce. While it may look impossible at first, it is not. Like any other living room, it is possible to decorate an awkward living room ergonomically and in style.

Here are some tricks you can do to help arrange an awkward living room:

Use multipurpose furniture

Space is a much-coveted feature in small living rooms. Because of that, it is vital to choose furniture that serves more than one purpose. In doing so, you save space by letting one furniture serve the function of two or more furniture.

For example, some ottomans can double as a table. Side tables equipped with wheels that can act as an extra table are an excellent addition to a small dining table. If you’re limited in space, you can customize an expandable living room table that can serve as your dining area when fully opened. That way, you can utilize the extra space for another project like a home office.

Make use of corners and edges

In an irregularly shaped corner of an awkward living room, it is crucial to find furniture with the same specifications and dimensions; otherwise, you’ll be wasting space if you left it bare. Corners and edges are excellent places to put storage. If you don’t utilize every bit of it, you’re wasting usable space.

Pro Tip: Use wall-hanging storage above your drawers and countertops to maximize the space on your bare walls. You might be surprised as there are a lot of things you can fit in a hanging storage space—kitchenware, clothes, photos, arts and crafts, food stockpiles, etc.

Choose pieces of furniture of the least size

All pieces of furniture designed for the living room are generally large. Luckily, the emergence of vertical space living led people to design and manufacture space-saving furniture that is still functional.

Pro Tip: It is best to select small furniture possessing smaller widths. In doing so, you’re giving yourself a bigger space to walk and move around.


Before you go on a shopping spree, it is best to conceptualize and sketch a layout of your desired output. It would help if you learned to manage your expectations as small living rooms are different than large and conventional ones. However, it is possible to receive all the functions of a standard living room if you plan your furniture set-up carefully.

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