Child Friendly Couch

When it comes to choosing furniture for children, the first instinct of parents is to pick pieces that are bright and colorful to accommodate the vibe of their child’s bedroom. And while there’s nothing wrong with sourcing furniture that features fun designs, your first and foremost priority should be child safety.

There is certain nursery equipment that poses risks to children (cots are notorious for injuring toddlers, for example) so when buying items for your child, you should see to it that it ticks all the boxes of fun, safety, and functionality.

To help you source safe furniture for your kids, here are some things you should take into consideration:

Pre-loved furniture should conform to safety standards.

You might think that you’re saving money by purchasing pre-owned furniture or accepting hand-me-downs from friends and family, but not all of them conform to safety standards. For pre-loved cots, use the two-finger rule and slip your hand between the edge of the mattress and the sides to ensure that your child won’t get trapped. It’s also important to inspect old furniture for rough edges, splinters, or rusty and missing parts. Those with loose nails, hinges, and screws may potentially hurt your child.

Check if the furniture is crafted from appropriate materials.

There are certain materials that are not safe for kids. Take glass, for example. They’re fragile and breakable, so any furniture with glass has no place in a nursery or a child’s bedroom. The same goes for metal. Since it’s hard and unyielding, it may be potentially dangerous. It’s best to stick with materials like smooth plastic and polished wood.

Avoid furniture with sharp corners and edges.

A piece of furniture is not considered child-friendly if it has sharp corners and edges. Remember, kids love running around, and if they accidentally bump into it, your child may be severely hurt. Even if you pad it well, there might still be a chance that the padding may be removed without your knowledge and cause damage to your children.

Ensure that painted furniture isn’t toxic.

Did you know that even paint finishes could be toxic? To parents who have a teething child, it’s best to avoid furniture that is covered in lead-based or toxic paint as they can be gnawed on by your child. Even if the paint is only present in rails or edges of the furniture, there’s still a high chance that your toddler will gnaw on them.

Invest in non-slip furniture.

Many people seem to overlook the fact that having non-slip furniture is essential in any home with children. Sure, the table or the chair may feature a design that fits well in your kid’s room, but if they can easily be moved or pushed, then it’s not right for your child. You should see to it that the furniture is non-slip before placing it within the vicinity of your kids.

Make sure to keep these safety issues in mind when sourcing furniture for your kids. If you’re having trouble finding child-friendly furniture, check out our collection today!

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